Monday, 18 September 2017

Special vistors

Today we were very lucky to have real life Fire Fighters from the Manurewa Fire Station come in and talk to us about their job and what they do to help protect us!
This was a follow up from our last Fire wise session last week. 

We saw a real life Fire truck and Miss Adams got to hold onto the fire hose and axe. She said the axe was "heavy as"!

Thank you Fire fighters for helping to keep us safe! 

Thursday, 7 September 2017




TONGAN language week has been so exciting! We have learn some new Tongan words such as 'Ofa' which means love. 

Kiara-Lee and Summer taught us a very snazzy Tongan dance. 

There was a pig roasting on spit all day at the back of the hall. The smoke from the fire made all of our clothes smelly but we didn't care...
Some kids from Room 2 were super upset when they saw the pig being cooked but then they understood that this is a way of survival. 




Thank you to Fire fighter Matt and Fire Fighter Villy for coming in and teaching us more about being 'FIREWISE'. 

We learnt some interesting facts like when there is a fire the smoke is actually apart of the 'fire' and that you cant smell anything when you are sleeping and when you do wake up it takes about 1 minute for your sense of smell to come. 

These are life long skills that we have learnt. 


Monday, 4 September 2017

Our special neighbours

Our special neighbours 

Today we went for a short walk across our fields to the back fence. There we saw our special neighbours - COWS.
Miss Adams told us some facts about cows. She knows heaps about farm animals because her family lives on a farm and she spent many of her holidays on the farm. Miss Adams even worked on a farm when she was younger. 

Some kids in our class have never seen a cow before so Miss Adams said yes we can go and see them. 
The kids who haven't seen the cows before were all excited and 1 child was really loud from being too excited. Another child said to Miss Adams look theres something moving and it has a tail and its hairy. Miss Adams laughed and explained to the child that it was a cow. 

We are lucky to have these special neighbours. 

Room 11 visits us!

Room 11 visits us!

We were super lucky to have Room 11 and their teachers come into our class to show off their amazing writing and art work!

Thank you for sharing your mahi with us! We absolutely loved it! 
You were all so confident and read your sentences with pride. 

Please visit us again! 

Saturday, 5 August 2017


Swimming at the Manurewa Pools 

We have started our weekly swimming sessions at the Manurewa Pools. 
Each Thursday we have our instructed lessons run by the Find Your Field Of Dreams association (FYFOD) and Swim Gym.

We are truly lucky to be able to have these free swimming lessons.  

We learn arrange of water skills, such as survival strokes and technical strokes. 

Please remember to remind your tamariki to bring their togs every Thursday. 
You are more than welcome to head down to the Manurewa pools to see what the tamariki get up to.
Our swimming time is at 1pm...
Hope to see you there =] 

Pen pals !

Pen pals from Clendon Park School...

This Term we are lucky to have Room 5 from Clendon Park School as our new Pen Pal friends. 
Ms Tafa from Clendon Park emailed me (Miss Adams) to ask if we would like to be their new Pen Pals and of course we said........

THANK YOU ROOM 5 - CLENDON PARK SCHOOL for picking us to be your Pen Pals! 

Here we are opening up our first Pen Pal letters! 

Watch this space for more up dates on this... 

Special vistors

Today we were very lucky to have real life Fire Fighters from the Manurewa Fire Station come in and talk to us about their job and what they...